The threat called ‘intelligent machines’?

With the industrial revolution, the intellectuals of this world have often thought whether machines are serving the man or is the man has become a slave to machine. With the rise of intelligent machines (robots), this question has advanced a step further: is it possible that one day, the robots will over power us humans and would want to implement their decisions upon us? Is it just a fancy thought or could it really happen? What do you say? (video)

How to be a great discoverer

Yes, it is possible that you could make a great scientific discovery. Only if you realise that how simple ideas can lead us towards monumental discoveries. In the linked video below, the speaker makes two points,

  • have faith in simplicity, no matter if you have less knowledge or more, you must have curiosity and creativity to invent something, and find something new.
  • science in its essence is simple, you do not need big money and big equipment to do science.

“There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking.”

Enjoy the video!

Undraping the Universe | Science and Mathematics of my times.